To be yourself

In a world of daisies, be a dandelion –

And when they think I am gone,

I will resurface in the fall.

You will feel me in the wind,

And taste me in your wine.

The words I leave behind,

Earthy, and nutty and pleasingly bitter,

You will keep close to your heart –

I was a simple dandelion,

That opened with the morning sun and,

Closed up at night.

I watched the world from up close and,

I was happy –

To be yourself; to know, that you are yourself,

In a world filled with fears,

Is truly a noble thing.


Dedicated to Lyra Mckee


Photography by mad-eye-view

“The times, they are a changin”


In the streets of downtown Thessaloniki; a crisis of humanity –

The shame of walking by a fallen man,

And knowing not how to pick him up.

A plastic cup that cannot save his dreams.

Change occurs, for better or for worse;

Determined by a falling nation, losing its humanity –

And I don’t rage against the dying of the light!



Photograph by madeyeview

Title & Last stanza edited: Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas