“The times, they are a changin”


In the streets of downtown Thessaloniki; a crisis of humanity –

The shame of walking by a fallen man,

And knowing not how to pick him up.

A plastic cup that cannot save his dreams.

Change occurs, for better or for worse;

Determined by a falling nation, losing its humanity –

And I don’t rage against the dying of the light!



Photograph by madeyeview

Title & Last stanza edited: Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas


The Jealous Man and Woman


The “Jealous Man and Woman”, one of the many relics of Ireland.   

Who was jealous of whom? The couple lie in their tomb with truths far from our reach. Layer upon layer of mystery . . .

 . . .climbed up high, to capture details as the sunlight fell onto the stone figures; could such warmth soothe a heart or two?



Trim. Co. Meath

Photograph:David Martin



Cadaver Stones

A funerary monument of a stone 7ft in height, dating from 1520 to commemorate Sir Edmond Golding and his wife Elizabeth Fleming in Saint Peter’s Churchyard – There are less than 10 cadaver stones left in Ireland and, three of them are in the Drogheda Co. Louth area

What happens to our bodies once buried . . . a crude reality of Gothic beauty.




Photograph:David Martin